Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Guest Blogger Robert Hibbs: WATCHMEN EXCLUSIVE: Rorschach’s Deleted Journal Entries

Today my "editor" Robert Hibbs found some never before seen entries of Rorschach's diary, and he decided to share them with you today.

October 15th, 1985

The city smells like eggs…scent pleases me…can’t explain why. Went to see Doctor Manhattan at military base, no one seemed to notice he was naked. Nudity distracted me from staying on task. Perhaps that's point.

Perhaps somebody wants to keep the good doctor in his birthday suit. Keep everybody looking in the other direction. Who would benefit from this? Who would benefit from stealing the clothes of a costume? Is there a cover up to keep the Doctor uncovered?
Hard to tell at this point… could be pants thief...could be government…could be the doctor started a family practice in a nudist colony.
No insurance…no walk-ins welcome…

Reminds me, need to see dentist... back molar cracked. Bit down on a kernel while eating popcorn. Found popcorn in dumpster…no butter…was not enjoyable to eat…kernel sealed the deal…I’m never eating dumpster popcorn again.

The rain feels like hard pellets trying to rip through my coat. I seek shelter under a Buick that’s parked in front of a porno theater and watch the water wash up all the filth on the streets and send it swirling down the drain like a flushing toilet filled with hooker’s blood.

This city needs a colon cleanse and I’m it’s high pressured coffee colonic.

Day 3 Behind Bars
Dear Diary,

At dinner I threw hot grease all over a black man…I never felt so alive. Took moment to threaten the whole prison to maintain dominance. Can’t remember what I said, but know it sounded good. Hopefully they bought it.

Later in showers I could not shake adrenalin rush from turning black man into giant French fry so I raped three men…they never saw it coming.

Cell is lonely at night no sound but there is a buzz in the air. Reminds me when I used to sleep in lion’s cage at zoo. Never knew when the lion was sleeping or awake. Whether lion was watching or eating out of bowl.

It’s impossible to sleep in a lion's cage.

Day 4 Behind Bars

Dear Diary,

Passed out from exhaustion. Woke up naked. Pant’s thief theory is no longer being ruled out.

In the yard nobody talked to me…felt like recess in fourth grade…after I cut open the teacher’s neck with the edge of a book. Teacher quit next day…I never read a book again.

Hours go by like spiders on a sticky web. Try playing hand ball to pass time. Realized I have no hand eye coordination.

I miss my face…

Day 6 Behind Bars

Dear Diary,
Sorry I did not write in you. Tried to overcome pee shyness for 10 hours when midget threatened my life...

I couldn’t stop peeing after that. Put up good front, but something in midget’s eyes terrified me to the core. If I ever get out of this prison I will turn midget into urinal cake.

Day 7 Behind Bars

Dear Diary,

Today, met with psychiatrist. Wanted to throw hot grease on him when he showed me ink blots.

Wants to put me in loony bin. Says it would be better for me. I tell him a prison is a prison. He looks scared then looks concerned.

Seeing concern touches my heart, almost cry. He leaves the room before I can really open up. Missed my chance. Choked back tears.

Better to keep things inside. To open up is like tearing apart an infected wound... and I’m filled with puss.

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