Friday, April 9, 2010

Something I Need to Get Off My Chest...

Been a while since I've written at the ol' blog. Ever since I've moved over to TJR I've stopped updating this site. Today I'm going to change that, mostly because this is something I don't want to burden John with having on his site, but also because it's also an issue I've taken pretty seriously, and I want it to come from me, not a comedian at a wrestling website.

Bullying has been a persistent problem throughout history. I always thought that as we evolved as a society, this petty behavior would eventually be left behind for greater attributes. We have the technology at our disposal to make the world a better and safer place for all who inhabit it, but it seems all we’ve done is find new ways to harass and intimidate each other.

Recently there was an incident where one blogger took some liberties with a well known writer’s work. And, by liberties I mean he flat out stole it. Some say he was at fault, some say he wasn’t. I don’t really care how it went down; all I know is how it escalated. After the news broke of the transgression there was an enormous uproar of support for the victim. Unfortunately instead of this being a positive thing that united a fan base together, it turned into a mean spirited attack on a guy who simply made a mistake.

I need to make one thing clear; I understand why people were upset. I wasn’t personally, so me being me I took it as an opportunity to try and make light of the situation. It wasn’t anything special and it certainly didn’t attack him personally. It was no worse than what Conan O’Brien or Dave Letterman do everyday. They make light of a potential tense situation with jokes. I thought if we could all share a laugh, maybe it would calm everyone down.

I noticed all it did was inspire other people to make their own pictures to display their version of humor. Unfortunately what they think is funny and what I do are two completely different things. They attacked him personally. I’m sorry, but regardless of how you feel about the subject, this level of retaliation is never acceptable. What was once a unified group of individuals seeking justice quickly turned into a mob of school yard bullies out for blood.

I was bullied as a kid. I was bigger than everyone else in the class, so I was always a target for snide comments and unjustified torment. Once in middle school I was attacked by four sisters on my way home from school. That’s right; I was beaten up by girls. Am I proud of this revelation? In a way, I am. Throughout the entire attack, I never once hit one of those girls. If I wanted to, I could have seriously hurt them, but I didn’t because that’s not what a man does. A man doesn’t hit a woman. You know what else a man doesn’t do? He doesn’t terrorize people for making a mistake.

And, a man doesn’t sit back and let this shit slide. I know the issue is over. It’s been resolved and people have backed off, but the fact remains that it happened. I’m upset that it got to the point it did. This isn’t how we should be acting. I know I’m the resident clown who makes jokes for your amusement, but I’m also a person who doesn’t suffer bullies. This was cyber-bullying. This behavior, this retaliation, was wrong. It’s so easy to start off the hero and find that have turned into the villain, and that’s what has happened to a lot of people involved in this situation.

I don’t think anyone on either side of this issue are bad people at heart. Hell, we all make mistakes and some have even accounted for them and apologized. It’s just that this kind of behavior is a slippery slope. You start off thinking you’re in the right, and find out you’ve become a monster. It’s hard to do the right thing. It’s hard to be a man. It’s probably the hardest thing I can imagine, because being cruel and hateful is just so damn easy.

I know everyone wants to just let this issue go, and after this I’ll be inclined to do that. I just want to implore you the next time something like this happens you do the right thing. How you handle situations like this make up who you are, and how you will handle bigger, more difficult situations in the future.

Men and women have different roles in this world. I’m not being sexist, I’m just speaking truth. Regardless of social status or how far or low you are at the totem pole at work, when push comes to shove and everything’s gone to hell, me have a job to do that women will never really understand. We need to be leaders. We need to make the tough decisions. Decisions that mean the difference between slapping around a couple of girls to defend your honor, or walking away with a fat lip and a bruised ego.

Do you follow the crowd? Do you grab a pitchfork and join the mob because cruelty is easy? Or do you act like a man, stand your ground, and show this behavior is unacceptable? Men don’t join the crowd and embrace destruction. Men don’t shoot first and ask questions later. Men don’t judge someone by how they look, but by what they do. Men don’t attack someone just because it’s easy or funny. Men treat women with respect, even when they don’t deserve it. Men stand up for what’s right. We need to be the good guys fellas’, because the world already has too many of the bad. We need to act like men.


  1. I'm really pleased to see you update the blogger again, even if under unpleasant circumstances. Also, I agree with what you say (because I was facebook stalking all over that drama). You make me want to be a good man.

    Also, I <3 The Johnsons.

  2. Nice way of putting things, Andrew. I made the fan page itself, but did not intend for any of the people on there to get to the point they did. I have gone through (now that I had time) and removed all the offensive stuff pointed at him in the form of personal attacks, before I even read this. On behalf of all the people involved, I apologize to anyone/everyone that was offended by the whole situation.

  3. let me call the whaaaambulance for you drew. sorry you got picked on as a kid, but it happens. the preachy, do-gooder 'real man' that doesn't let dumb things like this go just isn't you. stick with the comedy shtick, thats somewhat mildly entertaining.

  4. Well written... and well recieved.

  5. From the heart AJ, well writen.

    Now with that said, can we have more updates on the site and maybe a new layout for a fresh start?
    I know you write for John and all but I bookmark your page and get nothing out of it.
    Do every other day columns, maybe even pre john report posts of SEW. You have to start making your fan base and showing your fan base that your greatful.

  6. I could not agree more with everything you said above. I have always respected you and held you in high esteem. Now, after reading this blog, I have even more respect for you friend.


  7. Awesome, I feel the same way about bullies.