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Sports Entertaiment Weekly: Jan. 7, 2010- Jan. 14, 2010

I decided that instead of creating a new blog, i'll just merge the two into one, and save myself from having to maintain two sites. I'll still do other articles, but for the most part I'll be doing this.

So, without further ado,(adieu? adoo?)

This week, in Sports Entertainment...

Steve Austin to Host Raw in March

The following is from; 
 Less than two weeks before WrestleMania XXVI, WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin hosts Raw on March 15. The WWE Universe should certainly mark their calendars for the legendary Rattlesnake's return, as it is sure to turn WWE’s flagship show upside down. Though it’s uncertain what will happen when Stone Cold takes his place at the head of Raw for one night only, there's no doubt that he'll be looked at as one of Raw’s most controversial special guest hosts.

 That shirt is missing a sentence between "Raise Hell" and "Leave", it should include "Get Wasted On Cheap Beer That Usually Ends Up On My Shirt."
Uncertain what will happen? I’ve got three predictions of what will happen;
1)      He’ll flip off the crowd.
2)      He’ll drink copious amounts of beer.
3)      He’ll drive a 4-wheeler around the ring while under the influence.
Throw in some midget abuse and you’ve got yourself a show. Way to go, PG rated WWE!

WWE Star Removed From Airplane reports;
 WWE's Sound Person Marc Lanciaux posted the following on his Twitter feed: "Thank you Tyler Reks for not only delaying our flight, but also for providing me with blog material. Nice knowing ya." The blog referenced tells the story of a flight he was on having to return to the airport from the runway due to an unnamed WWE wrestler demanding to be allowed off the plane. The wrestler (now presumed to be Reks) was concerned about noises coming from the plane's wings and claimed to know something was wrong with the plane because he was a pilot. He advised others to deplane also. No word on whether others followed suit, or whether there really was something wrong with the plane.

 I have absolutely no idea who this person is.

I find it interesting that an employee who works for an organization that openly shares their disdain for any leaks pertaining to their company will intentionally release potentially embarrassing information on his personal Twitter account. Is your job that secure? Is there a shortage of “sound people” thus making you a hot commodity in the wrestling biz?  I think it would be more fitting to say, “No Mr. Lanciaux, nice knowing YOU.”

Booker T/WWE Talks Fall Through

Humongous star in his own head Booker T has apparently been unable to secure a job with his former company… reports;
 Booker T was close to returning to WWE, but negotiations fell through after the former World Heavyweight Champion asked for a deal that included a very limited number of house show dates. A well-placed source notes that he asked for "an HBK-style deal," which led to negotiations between both sides falling apart.

Here’s some helpful information for you Booker; that crown you wore on WWE TV wasn’t real. You are not a king. Stop expecting people to kiss your ass when the majority of today’s wrestling fans remember you as a delusional black man in a cape.

"It's a robe, dammit...A ROBE!"

McMahon Pissed at Hardy reports;
While Vince McMahon was no-selling Jeff Hardy appearing on TNA's three-hour Impact broadcast last week backstage, it's been said that he was "privately seething" over the former WWE Champion's decision to jump ship to the competition. As noted earlier, WWE promptly removed Hardy from its opening video montage.

“I wonder who Vince will take his anger out on?” I ask myself in an overly sarcastic tone.

 Because of Jeff, Matt has become so acquainted with failure that many speculate they will be looking into buying a Florida time share together. I’m starting to wonder if Jeff’s behavior is related to all the noogies and brotherly beat downs Matt administered to him over the years, and this is just his sick form of pay back. If it is, I say kudos Jeff. Aside from Vince, no one can hold a grudge like you.

Bobby Lashley Staying with TNA is reporting that although Bobby Lashley has signed an MMA deal with Strikeforce, he is still under contract to TNA and will continue working for the company. Great idea Lashley, try juggling a second job while preparing for fights against licensed skull crackers and death machines sent from the future. This is such a poor business decision for an active MMA fighter it makes the Wanderlei Silva Chiropractic and Spine Adjustment Center seem like a good idea.
Hogan Changing TNA

Many wrestling news outlets have reported that Hulk Hogan will be making several changes to the TNA product. He plans to highlight the younger stars while padding the roster with reliable veterans, up the production value, and get rid of the six-sided ring. Rumors of TNA being re-named “Hogan Knows Best” and centering on the self-destruction of a wrestling organization are still unconfirmed.

Boy, does that concept sound familiar...

Randy Orton is a Douchebag

Randy Orton took further steps this week in establishing himself as the biggest piece of shit in the wrestling industry. He started off by openly ridiculing his co-worker on national television…

 Remember Kofi/Orton/Cena last night on Raw? Randy going nuts yelling “STUPID!” It was definitely supposed to be the kick after watching it again. He shoves him in that position, then Kofi gets up. That’s what sets Orton off. Instead of the punt, he has to do the RKO and it looks pretty stiff. After the pin he gets up, yells “STUPID!” again and you can see him mouth “He fucked that up” or maybe “it” up. Bad sign for Kofi. It’s not like Kofi would get fired for this. It’s just that he was already getting de-pushed with all the losses to Orton and this won’t help.

Orton has a history of being a dick when things don’t go his way. Just ask Ken Kennedy.

Most Orton supports will attribute this behavior to his passion for the industry, as his professionalism will not allow him to settle for mediocre work. I would like to know what drug these supports take that makes one so delusional. I’m sure his professionalism is what drives him to mock his fans… reports;

A 15-year-old boy has accused WWE superstar Randy Orton of assault and battery on Tuesday night, and has filed a criminal complaint according to Press in Saugas, MA.

The boy accused Orton of spitting gum in his face and using profanity. Orton was also accused of saying "so sue me" when the boy's mother attempted to interject.

The incident is alleged to have taken place in the parking lot of Kowloon restaurant outside of Boston - a regular visiting spot for WWE stars when they are in the area.

Professionalism, thy name is Orton.

See you next week,

The Johnson

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