Sunday, January 24, 2010

Viva La Coco

Last night Conan O'Brien ended his long NBC career with Will Ferrell in a wig and jamming out to "Free Bird." For me this was one of the more emotional and inspirational moments in television. For a man who has every reason to be angry and spiteful at a company that has lied to him and thrown his dreams in the gutter, he closed out his NBC tenure with class.

I've been a fan of Conan O'Brien since high school. Conan was the first late night talk show host that I made a connection with, so I'll admit that this situation has affected me pretty hard. But, there are many fans that feel just as I do and rallied behind Conan in support. Also like me, there were many that felt more than just sympathy for Conan, but also genuine anger.

I've always been a fan of NBC. It's the home of "Seinfeld," "The Office," and "Saturday Night Live." It was my favorite network and I was proud to root for all of their programs. To say I'm disappointed in them right now is an understatement. I feel like all these years I've been betting on the wrong horse. NBC's treatment of Conan has been nothing more than atrocious, and I'm upset with myself for ever believing that NBC would be different than any other network. It's a betrayal that I will not soon forget.

But, in the midst of all this Conan has not only persevered, but made a horrible situation fun. To see him react with such class and joy is nothing short of inspirational. At the close of the show Conan thanked his fans, and encouraged everyone that hard work and kindness will always win out over negativity and cynicism. To see a man who has been rejected and passed over for something he has worked immensely hard for, and take it in such stride brought a great close to his legacy of laughter on NBC.

 I'm sure this isn't the end. Conan will be back again on a different network, and his fans will follow. Hopefully wherever he ends up he'll have Andy, Max, and La Bamba with him. Until then, Conan's fans can reflect on the fact that he is as loyal to us as we are to him.

 Thank you Conan O' Brien. Thank you for the laughter, and the memories. Thank you for Vomiting Kermit, Pimpbot 5000, and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Thank you for "In the Year 2000/3000" and "Celebrity Secrets." You've redefined comedy and become the Johnny Carson of our generation. You have the loyalty and eternal gratitude of your fans.

Oh, and don't worry about the Masturbating Bear. I hear he's getting a guest shot on "Law and Order: SVU."

We love you, Coco. We'll see you again soon.



  1. I watched the clip of his last episode. He's definitely a classy guy, and I have a lot of respect for him. More people should be like him! Good post, cuz. :-) -Bethany

  2. It's sad to see my favorite late night host go! I will miss his sneaking and hissing at the camera! Thanks for posting this!

  3. I watched a clip of his last show Friday, I agree he ended it with a very classy note. but lets go back 5 years, they did the same thing to Jay Leno. At the time he was the number one night show host and NBC told him "Thanks for the high ratings but your out in 5 years." He could have gone to another network after his contract, but NBC than realized if they put Conan up against Leno, they may lose. When I was your age Johnny Carson was the night show king, but my generation didn't watch it. We had babies we put to bed and were too tired to watch TV. Now my generation is watching their King. Conan will be OK. He'll be number one in 2030!!!